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Testimonials: Greypointe Ltd.

Jerry Ralla and Greypointe Properties have a business relationship that has endured for over 20 years. During this period, Jerry’s Company, J. Ralla Homes, has been the General Contractor (“GC”) for several multi-family townhouse and condominium projects in South, West, and Central Richmond.

In addition to his role as the GC for each of the projects, Jerry also acted as the developer’s agent during the ongoing negotiations to obtain both the Development Permits and Building Permits from the City of Richmond. Jerry has found innovative ways to utilize his experience and the skills of a core group of architects, civil engineers, civil contractors, and other consultants – all of whom have longstanding relationships and credibility with Richmond – to expedite the entitlement process and move our projects through to completion in a timely manner.

Jerry’s ability to provide a developer with a bundle of services that helps to oversee the activity on a site from acquisition to project completion and delivery of titles to purchasers has allowed Greypointe to accelerate our development objectives in Richmond.

Presently Greypointe Properties owns additional development lands within the City of Richmond and we are moving forward – along with J. Ralla Homes – in the development process towards obtaining entitlements to develop and build more multi-family projects in the near future.

I was delighted when Jerry contacted me to provide this testimonial and look forward to future success with J Ralla Homes.

Greypointe Properties Ltd.

Davy Sangara