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Testimonials: Berry Road

Huck's PlaceJerry Ralla built my wife and I a new home in 2002. I would strongly recommend Jerry and J Ralla Homes to build your dreams. We had decided many years earlier to build our dream home. We started with small drawings and ideas. When it was time to build, Jerry took over and turned our thoughts into reality. Trust me, I have a problems drawing stick people, but when all was said and done the house was exactly what we wanted.

Not only was Jerry on time and on budget, he also explained every detail of the construction so we could understand how this all works. Jerry’s trades where the best and took pride in what they were building for us. From the start to the finish it was a very enjoyable experience. I had jokingly said to Jerry "it would be nice to have the house completed for my wife’s birthday", from start to finish in 4 months, we moved in the day before her birthday. Since we completed the house Jerry has also completed some changes to the house that we thought of at later dates. The changes also were done with great pride and expertise. J Ralla Homes and Jerry turned our dreams into reality.

Huck's KitchenThanks Jerry….

Al Huculak

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